ACQUA medical aesthetics® (AMAE) is your premium provider of aesthetic medicine for face, nose and throat. We would like to be your first contact person and companion for all questions of aesthetics. Just like AMAE® already is for more than 2,000 patients from more than 20 countries and with consultation hours in Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden, Cairo, Moscow and Beirut.

Our goal is not to create a copy of your image from the past. For us, aesthetics means using the age-appropriate possibilities of your face as much as possible for an elegant appearance. What this actually means is always a challenge, even for experts. For this reason, in addition to our experienced view since 2017, we also rely on a computer-based expert system that covers all the processes of our treatments and new therapies. This results in a measurement of beauty and a "second opinion", which shows possibilities and limits concretely. It is not infrequent that our team readjusts the actual therapy with MDSSS®. However, all aesthetic procedures on the face are also technical challenges. Practical experiences are therefore very important to us. With more than 700 treatments and 600 cosmetic surgeries per year, we are in the top league of European Aesthetics Centers. Numerous innovations such as 3D planning & simulation or personalized stem cell activation have been created in our clinic. Our systems of accurately measuring the before-and-after effects and critical systematic evaluation have become recognized standards for scientific quality management. On this basis, the aesthetics department of the ACQUA Clinic has been continuously certified since 2012 according to ISO9001.

Gero Strauss

Gero Strauss, Prof. Dr.

Gero Strauss has been performing ENT surgery for more than 20 years. With more than 150 procedures on the outer nose and face each year, he has exceptionally vast practical experience. His development work in the field of medical technology now also supports the aesthetic surgical procedures offered by ACQUA medical aesthetics.