There are beauticians, specialists for the skin or general plastic surgery. There are daily new product ideas and suggestions for beauty. It is not seldom that beauty promises cannot be kept afterwards. We at AMAEĀ® guarantee you a medical approach that always takes place under the supervision of a specialist who has to undergo an elaborate certification every 12 months. Our physicians train from the beginning to understand the face as an aesthetic entity, and to advise you scientifically. We give you our guarantee to use only products of which we are really persuaded and whose production is guaranteed in the best possible quality.

No other provider does this! We do not take up therapies until we are convinced of their effectiveness. Should more than 2 out of 3 planned success parameters of the aesthetic procedures fail to realize within 3 months, we will give you a refund of 25%. Medically conditioned exceptions are clearly marked.

Before-and-after-pictures are a controversial issue. Even regarding simple photography, an objective comparison can be impossible due to lighting, perspective-induced blur or side-effects. The capabilities of digital image editing make it almost impossible to distinguish an original from a slightly edited picture. Therefore, we follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and consistently dispense with using before-and-after pictures in our external appearance, thus preventing patients from being misled from the beginning. Should you wish a presentation of results during your consultation, our result-library is at your disposal. All depicted patients explicitly gave their consent and we guarantee the originality of the image without any editing.