HOLLYWOOD aesthetics

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics

Personalized stem cell activation. Natural beauty restoration.

A procedure exclusive to ACQUA medical aesthetics. The innovative procedure uses messenger substances to activate the stem cells in the tissue and the body’s own repair mechanisms. This involves applying a gel, which is then worked in via needling. Through activation with plasma cells, the effect is individualized and emphasized. Experience has shown that in many cases it is possible to avoid invasive and surgical procedures


How does HOLLYWOOD aesthetics work?

What does “personalized” means?

Each person possesses a unique genetic profile. The characteristics of the tissue differ partly even within a person, depending on the daily constitution, hormones or external influences. In order to identify the genetic code as perfectly as possible, the patient's blood acting as a "business card" is coupled with the BSCN® factors in an elaborate process. The result is an activated drug complex that can deliver it’s information to the tissue in the target region much more accurately, faster and more effectively. It can also be said that BSCN® works well on its own, but personalized activation can be even more accurate, faster and more stable.

How often must the procedure be used?

A repetition of the application is required every 12 months depending on the individual needs. Our so far experience shows a stable result even after the first application session.

What distinguishes this concept from other treatments?

Filler, Botox and Co. target the consequences of skin aging. They are effective for a maximum of 6 months and require a lifelong, often constantly increasing dose of treatment. HOLLYWOOD aesthetics® is the first medical treatment to activate regeneration, treating the cause of skin aging.

Are there risks?

The active components and processes used are generally not new and have been approved for decades. No stem cells are used or manipulated. The therapy refers exclusively to the activation of the body's own, local stem cells. Due to the complicated mechanisms of cell communication, internal and external influences can limit the effect of BSCN®. Then, a new activation or a prolonged treatment will help. The supervisory authority for the individual production of drugs according to the German Medical Act (AMG, §67) is the State Directorate of Saxony. The medical treatment is supervised by the state medical association of Sachsen (Sächsische Landesärztekammer).

How much does “HOLLYWOOD aesthetics” cost?

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics®

Vitamins and trace elements for daily use as the basis of a regeneration
of tissue
40 €

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics®

Medical cream for the daily treatment of the skin. Contains up to 300 IU BSCN®
Factors for the regeneration of subcutaneous stem cells
139 €

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics®

Infusion of BSCN® factors & vitamins and trace elements to regenerate tissue145 €

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics®

Infusion and Skin Treatment with Individualized BSCN® Factors for Priming, Activation & Engaging of Stem Cell Regeneration790 €

HOLLYWOOD aesthetics®

Infusion and Skin Treatment with Individualized BSCN® Factors for Priming, Activation & Engaging of Stem Cell Regeneration & Vycross Filler1.250€
How did BSCN® get into aesthetic medicine?

Since 2011, the physicians of ACQUA Clinic have been working on methods of regenerative medicine. In one of the most modern ENT clinics in Europe, new methods for treating chronic diseases of the nose and ear have emerged. After success with more than 400 patients (as of July 2017), as Patients gained their long-lost sense of smell, the experience was systematically transferred to the field of aesthetics. Today, patients also benefit from the strict quality standards and development services provided by the ACQUA Clinic.


California has always been setting the pace in aesthetic medicine. Our European solutions have set completely new accents. The name HOLLYWOOD is associated with zest for life, pioneering spirit, the pursuit of beauty and at the same time a memory of the first successful market of the concept.

How does the patient experience the treatment?

The treatment lasts between 45 minutes and 3 hours. All steps are largely painless, and the whole process reminds more of a pleasant spa treatment than a medical treatment. All drug and blood preparations are carried out in the clinic's own laboratory.

How will I be treated subsequently?

The follow-up-treatment includes regular control appointments, every 3 months, to document the
therapeutic success, possibly also by Telekonsil. HOLLYWOOD aesthetics® patients have unrestricted access to the 24/7 readiness of the ACQUA Clinic.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment? We would be happy to help.
Simply call us on +49 (0) 341.33 73 31 40 or email aesthetik@acqua-klinik.de

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